Business Plans

A business plan is a set of documents used to detail plans for a start-up or existing business.  Business plan is used to describe business goals and strategies, as well as provide a blueprint of financing and marketing plans.

A business plan is a foundation for any business and therefore needs professional advice and input.

A balanced business plan should include…

  • What your business will do
  • The products and services it will provide
  • Know your customers
  • Marketing strategies
  • Naming your business
  • How customers will access your products or services (e.g in shop, online or by phone)
  • Your approach to pricing
  • Your target markets
  • Your long- and short-term objectives – including a series of benchmarks that you can check your progress against
  • Cash flow projections
  • Profitability projections

We have professionals who are specialised in drafting the business plans for you. We can do research for you on your business ideas or can help you in shaping your research work and transform your business ideas it into a successful business plan.

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