Switching to Us

Switching accountant is simple……

If you are not satisfied with your current accountant, we make the switching as simple as possible for you.  We will write to your previous accountant to provide us with all of your accounting and tax records that they hold. After Free Initial consultation, we will provide you a fixed fee quote for all of the work we agree to provide you.

No switching Cost

We do not charge a fee for switching your company accounting work across to our service. Your previous accountant should also not charge you for this provided you have paid for any work your previous accountant has completed.

When can I change my accountant?

You can change accountant at any point in time.

Book a FREE, no obligation, consultation so that we can understand your circumstances and offer you a fixed fee quote which stands for three months.

To find out how we would work with you, simply call our friendly team on 0121 724 0786 or submit an enquiry using our online enquiry form.